Nano Ceramic Glass Coating

(4 Sessions)

Nano Coating to protect Exterior and Interior of Automobile.

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What We Do. 

● Exterior Decontamination and claybar process to remove embedded environmental contaminants ,road tar , grime , dirt , iron particles from surface seams and nooks of car body

● Paint correction to remove surface blemishes , oxidation and swirls using a combination of rotary , dual action polisher and relevant paint correction chemicals
● Final Paint Prep to traces of oil and residue followed by 3 complete layers of nano ceramic coating . Infra red lamp to accelerate curing
● Interior Detsiling includes Brush cleaning of all leather material , sponge cleaning of all plastic panels , fiber or wood trimmings .
● Stain extraction and Steam shampoo of all fabric material , intense vacuuming and forced air unclogging of dust particles from all carpet and fabric material ,
● Inner Pillars and Roof lining stain removal
● Aircon duct detailing
● Deep cleaning of button holes , nooks and crannies .
● Leather Nano coating to protect and condition leather .
● Vinyl application to condition and protect all plastic surfaces
● Aircon odor treatment as required
● Glass scrubbing and nano coating for glass
● Door shut detailing
● Emblem , badges and minute area detailing
● Engine detailing
● Wheels detailing , wheel nano coating and tyre dressing
● Final inspection on all scope of work