Full Exterior and Interior Nano Paint Protection Coating

An extremely deliberate and intensive process of 36 steps inclusive of

  • exterior paint correction ,
  • interior detailing ,
  • interior nano coating ,
  • rim detailing and all
  • round exterior nano coating

to protect against the toughest of contaminants and satisfy even the most discerning of car lovers. We leave no stone unturned.

Members car wash

No car care routine is ever complete without the proverbial car wash . At Groomwerkz , we recognise that as a essential need and a crucial compliment to the Nano coating that’s been painstakingly applied. Our complete wash facilities at both branches extend warm welcome to our members.

If German technology is the force to be with , be sure to check out our latest State of the art , fully microfiber brush with inbuilt profile scanning automatic car wash machine fresh from Deutschland .

PDR : Paintless Dent Repair

Everywhere there are cars you will find door dings and small dents, until now the only way to repair this damage was to go through the time and expense of a full body shop repair.

The objective of Paintless Dent Repair is to remove door dings and minor dents without sending, filling, painting or drilling holes. With Paintless Dent Repair the damaged area is repaired without repainting, this maintains the integrity and value of the vehicle??s original factory finish.

Paintless Dent Repair works by using custom designed tools to access and massage out minor dings and dents working from the inside of the damaged panel. With this , you save precious TIME , MONEY ( a fraction of respray price ) and best of all still maintain the maintain the ORIGINAL paintwork on your car.

Leather Restoration Service

Mouldy leather ? Get that leather restore professional in !
What’s the difference between a stain and a discoloration on leather seats . Very much a world apart ! The first requires just a proper clean up which our team can handle with ease while the latter requires professional dye restoration. That’s right, you do not always need to re-wrap that discoloured leather seat!

A dye restoration brings back the colour to your leather upholstery and most importantly, vibrance up your cabin interior. A good leather dye restorer needs to have a steady hand of an artist and a good eye for colour. Ask our supervisor on leather restoration services. All it takes is a matter of hours and you could be plunging yourself snugly into a newly restored seat, original leather intact , supple and fresh.

Bodyworks Restoration and Spray Painting Services

Got a major repair job?

Nobody wants to get their hair all messed up, let alone their car. Living on mother earth, gravity and at times human error prevails and we sometimes end up needing a repair and restoration job.

Fret not and stay calm . Our Senang Crescent branch has full facility and capability to help . Reasonably priced and respectable workmanship with a turnaround quicker than industry . That’s the least we could do to lessen your momentary and monetary misery.